Poetry for you..Poetry from me.


It's about time.

I can't really say that I mean one particular definition or not. I only know that I've chosen this as my mantra, no matter where the inflection.

It's about time..."it" being our purposes (individually or collectively) on this earth. Life. Belief. Whatever "it" is.

It's about time...Time to love. Time to educate. Time to light a fire. Time to shush. Whatever we find important, if we were to be honest with ourselves, can only be secured by a healthy investment of time.

It's about time...Not money. Not toys. Not food. Not energy drinks nor shrinky dinks. You know it, I know it.

It's about time

Now, this? I dig.

It can not be stressed enough. If we haven't been lazy in our family affairs, then we have been lax in providing proper attention to our friends. If we haven't abandoned God, then we've failed to bless our children with traditions.

Just like letting a car  run for too long without oil changes, fresh brake pads or a good hard scrub..

IT'S ABOUT TIME WE DID SOMETHING...about expressing our talents, sharing our knowledge and simply making this world a little more

"the way it's s'posed to be"

This is what I have to share..and "It's About Time"